New Horror Review: The Curse of Sleeping Beauty

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty comes out on May 13th. We've seen it. Kiss us and we'll share the review.

Dude, you're so old. 
Based on a Brothers Grimm story, this Sleeping Beauty is not suited for children, nor the faint hearted. It was directed by Pearry Reginald Teo, and written by Teo and Josh Nadler.

The film starts off with a standard shot of the main character, then goes into epic opening credits. It is very well done, with lots of well-lit shots and flashes of interesting scenery. It amps up the viewer for the 86-minute viewing. The opening credits were one of only a few things that stood out the most. The majority of the film is dark and poorly lit; there are chunks of the scenery that cannot be seen. The fantasy shots were beautiful and definitely felt like another dimension, well-lit and with contrast very appealing to the eye. Sleeping Beauty and The Veil (Played by Ryan Egnatoff and voiced by Elizabeth Knowelden) were the only characters that stuck out. Ethan Peck as the main character was forgettable and boring, as were Natalie Hall and Bruce Davison. The acting was not strong enough to stand out and felt awkward at times, although when the characters are in the dream dimension, it is a nice break from the boring present time.

In horror and thrillers, a lot of the time the big scary monster or murderer is bluntly shown, with or without lots of gore to get a reaction out of the audience. The Curse of Sleeping Beauty uses minimal blood, and The Veil and his creepy pals are not blatantly shown, and it works to their benefit. If this was just another poorly-lit accident, it’s a good one – it  leaves more to the imagination, and having less blood ties the fantasy to a little bit of reality. There were things that were predictable, yet the ending was satisfying.
Dang girl. Wake up. What's wrong with you?

The movie’s distributor, XLrator and Bleiberg Entertainment, are currently developing an episodic series of The Curse of Sleeping Beauty based on the features of this movie, and there is a publisher wanting to create a graphic novel from RAZOR’s Everette Hartsoe.

Overall, the villains outshined the main characters, and it was too dark to see half of the movie. The concept was good though, and the graphic novels and added material coming out are something to look forward to, especially if you like the Grimm Brothers. It was real, and it was fun, but it wasn't real fun.

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-Kirsten Anderson