Rock Docs: People Who Do Noise

Scott reviews the music doc, People Who Do Noise. 

In all my studies of music and the music-related, I often ask the question, “Where did that sound really come from?” 

It is exciting to be at the foundation of any artistic movement, not only from a selfish perspective, but most importantly to experience the metamorphosis of said particular movement.  You get to live it, breathe it, and feel it in its infancy.  People Who Do Noise illustrates this idea.

Dude. Dig this lighting scenario. 

While Noise as 'music' (or more accurately a true art form to me) is not really a new genre; it is an expression that is still richly developing and without a true definition.  It is quite possible it may never really carve out a definition of itself through the artists who produce it, and that is what makes it so exciting to me.  There is no set sound, there are no set rules, there is no set attitude.  It is just people (all from Portland, OR, in this film) from different age brackets and different walks of life experimenting with acoustical randomness.

People Who Do Noise talks to all of these people, who describe their methods and their inspirations.  The expressive elements presented by these artists push the limits of chaotic, distorted experimental fury to the meditative, droning, otherworldly serenity of a pulse.  It is unsettling to see these sounds presented together in one film, but that is what makes People Who Do Noise so interesting, -- the range.

I am a DJ....sent from hell. 

People Who Do Noise makes you really ask the questions, “What is music?” and “Does sound really have to make sense according to our perception of it?”  I was left wondering if everything we have heard and learned about so far could very well be wrong.  Maybe what we call 'music' now is the 'real noise' according to the popular perception of what 'noise' is.

People Who Do Noise is a challenge to watch.  It is a finely crafted documentary-style interview film, but that is not what makes it challenging.  What makes it a challenge are the ideas that are presented.  If you take any form of music seriously and truly explore it, People Who Do Noise will be a wealth of information for you to digest, but you need to pay really close attention, because these ideas are subtle, yet very powerful.

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-Scott W. Lambert