Soundtracks On Vinyl: Deadpool

Just prior to Deadpool hitting VOD, the albums became available. 

Last week saw the release of the Deadpool soundtrack in an awesome two disc vinyl set that not only looks phenomenal but sounds excellent too. With tons of low end and crisp clarity, Deadpool will satisfy your perverted eardrums.

Much like the Guardians of the Galaxy vinyl release, this blends orchestral theme music from the movie with classic rock tunes, hip hop, and pop music entries all into one super sweet package of audio tastiness. Also similar to the movie, the soundtrack moves all over the place, blending all the sounds from the film onto this radical four sided 180 gram collector's set. Painted in Deadpool's signature hues of red and black, Milan Records' release is a solid effort directed at vinyl soundtrack collectors and comic book movie fans like myself. 

Moving from Tom Holkenborg's heroic score to Junkie XL's hard tones and brutal mixes sets the stage for a great listen from front to back. Kicking off with Juice Newton's easy listening track, Angel of the Morning then swiftly kicking in to thematics and the synthetic movements of Junkie XL, this soundtrack moves at the same frenetic pace as the movie itself. Never really letting up, it's a got really cool amount of modern electronic music blended with percussive beats and tones. By the time side two rolls around, listeners will be happy with their purchase. 

Unlike some of the cheap releases that sometimes inhabit the world of soundtracks, the Deadpool packaging offers up an artistic looking design that has a beautiful gatefold that reveals some of the comic book character's sarcastic type humor. Opening the album up to reveal a sprawled out Deadpool in front of a fireplace, a quote reads, "See you in the sequel." The cover is a hard cardboard sleeve that won't take too much damage when placing back on your shelf. Overall, this is a nicely designed piece of modern pop culture with great art centered on the music from a hit movie. 

If you have the thirty bucks to pick this up and you're a fan of Deadpool, this will be a fun addition to your collection. For the price, you get a literal ton of music and some sweet looking images of your favorite merc with a mouth. Check it out. 

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