Editorial: Paul Feig, Shut Up Already

Once again, we tell a director to shut up. So, shut up. 

Paul Feig says, "Geek Culture is home to some of the biggest A-holes I've ever met." Yeah, okay. So?

Have we all been a little too hard on Feig's Ghost Busters reboot? Probably. But, I'm also a little mean to the guy that messes up my Taco Bell order too. This supposed director is no better. He's getting ready to serve up a fast food style remake of one the greatest comedies ever, but instead of some quality late night paper bag satisfaction, he'll probably forget half our order and we won't get any hot sauce. Just great. 

Paul Feig is shocked and overwhelmed by fans of the original Ghost Busters and their malcontent towards his dreaded remake. From the onset of this horrendous idea, the people that love the vintage Ghost Busters have been outspoken in their hatred of a franchise retread. It's unneeded, unoriginal, the opposite of inspiring, and a pandering attempt to make a female led group that will try to mirror the comedic genius of the original. Ain't gonna happen. 

The first question we could ask is why is he's shocked? The second question we should be resolving is why on Earth did anyone think we needed a reboot of another iconic '80s comedy? And the final question we should be asking is why Paul Feig can't just shut his big mouth? This man has gone on several social media rants and raves tearing down the potential viewership of his movie. Yeah man, fanboys can be hard asses. We can be violently protective of the franchises we love. We let our vitriol spew all over the internet with little respect for you or your ideas. Get over it. It's the greatest public forum ever created and you can be damn sure we're going to use it to let our fingers angrily type words of disapproval and negativity. Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen and stop baking us shitty cookies. 

Instead of going on Twitter rampages and/or other social outlets to vent about how we fanboys and fangirls can be total ass holes, take a look in the mirror. Even though we may downvote your crappy trailer into the abyss of Youtube failure. Don't be angry. Don't back down. If you're so proud of your work and it's really so grand, let it speak for itself. That's what professionals do.  Let us all be proven wrong by a non-annoying Melissa McCarthy and a troupe of new Ghost Busters. Again. Ain't gonna happen. Admittedly, all our assumptions could be wrong. But, if you hate the fans so much, give us a great movie. Prove us wrong. Your biggest mistake was letting the internet get to you. It makes you look petty, unprofessional, and is indicative of a fragile ego not befitting a big wig Hollywood director. 

Last question, Paul. Where is your public relations rep? Don't you have one? Why aren't they telling you that insulting your potential customers is a really bad idea. As much as I've hated your Ghost Busters reboot from the start, I was probably still going to see it.  And I probably still will. But, many people won't. If it were good, we'd eat that crow like a tasty bucket of chicken and would give you all the props you deserve.

Once you start slamming and degrading the people that buy tickets, you're entering territory that any director should know to steer clear of. So, seriously. Shut up already. You're the definition of big bad business. Feig, get to work on your movie. Stay off the internet. 

Bitch, I said light ice in my drink. 

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