New Release Horror - The Haunting of Alice D - Reviewed

Scott got a chance to check out the new horror film, The Haunting of Alice D. 

I love a good ghost story.  I was raised on them. If told with the conviction that is needed to present them, there are few styles of storytelling that are more exciting.  The Haunting of Alice D is NOT one of those stories.

Hey baby! Ready to get a little bloody?

Now before I go any further, I want to say that The Haunting of Alice D truly made my skin crawl on a few occasions.  There were also some disturbing ideas presented here that, to at least me, made the film a challenge to watch from an artistic standpoint.  You ever get that ‘dirty’ feeling when you are watching a film?  Yeah, I got that watching The Haunting of Alice D.  Unfortunately, these things I mentioned that make The Haunting of Alice D interesting only really bubble up in the beginning and end of the film, leaving the body of it flat and boring. The Haunting of Alice D is a literal half-pipe of a horror movie.

Performance wise, The Haunting of Alice D is somewhat convincing.  Juan Riedinger playing ‘Joe Davenport’ tends to grind the nerves like any horny creeper with too much money would.  Kane Hodder and Al Snow play their parts exactly as menacingly as they look.  The entire female cast of The Haunting of Alice D is completely interchangeable including Megan Hensley playing the lead as ‘Jenny’.  Maybe I’m too old to see this film or something, but watching a bunch of scantily clad 20 something females carefully walking aimlessly around a house in high-heels just makes me roll my eyes.

That wasn't very good for me. Oh hell. Maybe next time. 

All in all The Haunting of Alice D was a true challenge to get through.  As much as I love all film, I felt like I was working my ass off trying to get to the end of The Haunting of Alice D and exhaled hard when the credits finally rolled after a very lackluster ending.The Haunting of Alice D is a slow burner with no payoff, simple as that.  I tried to root for the characters in this film, and I really tried to feel for them.  But, in the end, I just didn’t care either way when the blood started to spill.

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Scott L. Lambert