Movie Sleuth Gaming: Star Wars Battlefront II - E3 Coverage

E3 is upon us! It’s an exciting time for nerds around the world. I was fortunate enough to spend some time playing Star Wars: Battlefront II’s multiplayer during this year’s EA Play, which, by the way, was a great event despite horrendous lines, having to pay for your own food/drinks, and limited swag. At least there was Nas. To no surprise, no game had longer lines than BF2. While the first Battlefront felt incomplete in more ways than one, I definitely can’t say the same in regards to Battlefront II. This sequel has redeemed the series by presenting itself on a much larger, polished scale; spanning over the course of three eras. Players are able to play the game through the Empire’s point of view.

The demo began in a galactic assault match. There are four classes to choose from: Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist. Assault is for a more fast-paced playthrough. Heavy brings more firepower to the field, but lacks agility. Officers act as more of a buffer, whereas the Specialists snipe and lay traps. A Battlepoints system has also been introduced, where players earn points through combat, and can spend them to acquire other playable characters/heroes, jet fighters, and ships. I joined 19 other Stormtroopers as we attempted to escort a transport through Theed, appreciatedly well-designed. Whether you’re the type to use a stealthier approach, or go in guns-blazing, there’s plenty of options for you in Theed. The planet incorporates a balance of open courtyards and back alleyways for players to get to the objective, plus Theed’s aesthetic is downright gorgeous with intricate architecture and a vibrant color scheme.

It was when my team got pushed back to the throne room, that things started getting a bit more hectic. Our “final stand”, so to speak! A much more fast-paced, close quarters gameplay ensued with heroes and villains all over. Knowledge of the map is definitely key in your team’s success. Overall, I was extremely pleased with Battlefront 2’s multiplayer. It felt like the Battlefront game we were promised to begin with. The Battlepoints system was smart, seeing that players can earn more points depending on their skill in combat. While I was only able to play through one match -- thank you long AF lines -- I remain optimistic for the game’s launch. 


Amanda Russell