Cinematic Releases: Drive

A guest post by Jimmy from Site Circus

Please don't call me a fan boy, but I am definitely a fan of Ryan Gosling. I must admit, I hadn't ever really considered the actor until I saw him play the role of Dan Dunne in the Academy Award nominated movie "Half Nelson", but have been tracking his career ever since.

Ryan Gosling's latest movie is entitled "Drive". At first I thought this was going to be just another action packed racing flick--sort of like a serious version of "Taledega Nights" starring Will Ferrell--I was wrong.

Drive is a really well scripted and well performed crime thriller that keeps you interested. It has a stylish sort of film noir feel to it, and I thought that Nicolas Winding Refn did an excelent job shooting the picture.

Drive received a well deserved 8.3 stars on, and has been nominated for numerous film awards. If you are on the fence about seeing this movie (as I was) I strongly suggest you take the chance to go see it.

If you yourself enjoy Gosling movies, or like a good crime thriller (something along the lines of say...the Richard Gere and Edward Norton classic "Primal Fear" then I recommend the suspenseful crime thriller "Fracture" released in 2007, starring Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins.