New To Blu: Dream House

I have never used this site to make any political statements or arguments.Typically, I would  not feel the need to use this space as a forum to air my personal opinions on such a hot topic of discussion.  In this one rare instance, I will use my extremely short review of  Dream House to point out the sheer failings of Hollywood and why the online piracy that they are trying so hard to destroy, exists. While I do not condone or support online piracy, I can fully understand the problem and why some people feel the need to use the internet as a haven to steal movies.

Stripped directly from the Shutter Island playbook, Dream House is an absolute nightmare of a movie. It's a stale film that features some of today's best dramatic actors in roles not befitting their extensive careers of successful artistic and theatrical releases. From the onset, I had the "twist" figured out and wondered why the movie was marketed as a supernatural thriller. It's not. The movie is  an absolute bore that features the worst score I've heard in years. It's actually laughable how bad this movie is. It's no real surprise why this movie was such an absolute failure on every level. The marketing was wrong, the script was undeniably horrid, and the plot was completely predictable.

Movies like these are what is killing Hollywood and why people have turned to using the internet as their virtual criminal underworld. People don't want to shell out hard earned dollars to pay for cinematic trash. Unfortunately, the bar has been set so low in the past few years that people are just expecting Hollywood to keep churning out garbage. So, they turn to their favorite torrent site and download away.

Every once in a while, we're given a film that exceeds this rule and while it deserves to be a huge box office success, people are programmed to turn to the internet to download a crap copy. Before Hollywood and congress adopt any of these big anti-piracy bills, they need to consider the quality of films they are delivering us. If we were given more top notch films, piracy would not be such an issue as people would return to the theaters happily. Personally, after the last two movies I've seen in theaters, I can understand the theory.