Cinematic Releases: Silent House

If there is one thing this world needs, it's better horror movies. Silent House does not fulfill that need. Sadly, this film was a marketing mess that stifles the genre and sends it down the predictable beaten path of so many horror movies before it. The movie is a disaster that only gets a minor reprieve for the acting talents of Elizabeth Olsen and the creative use of the camera. Everything else is a complete rehash of films we've seen before.

If I had to compare this movie to other genre films, I would call it a hybrid of your standard haunting film and The Strangers. However, the supposed plot twist is so mind numbingly predictable, I actually shouted out loud in the theater with an expletive I would rather not use in this review. Just trust me for once, this is not a movie you want to pay to see in the theater. It's not worth the money or the time you'll waste seeing it. This makes me sad. From the beginning of the marketing campaign I was stoked to see the first good horror/haunting movie of 2012. Silent House in no way met my expectations.

So, we got a bad movie with a good performance from Olsen and a bad movie that makes great use of one continuous shot. Other than that, skip this garbage. I really wouldn't suggest it.