Movie News: Is There A Boba Fett Movie On The Way?

This is the kind of news that gets me excited!!!!

So, let's start by saying that I'm not the biggest fan of George Lucas lately and his incessant need to cash in on the franchise that defined my youth. However, I'm a little excited at this moment to say that rumors are abound this week that a new Star Wars feature is on it's way. And to fuel the fire, Lucasfilm has snatched up several domain names revolving around the title Star Wars 1313. What this means, I have really no clue. Maybe Lucas has finally dug his head out of his over sized Ewok rectum and has decided to deliver the goods with a non-Skywalker based SW film that could possibly be directed by a much more worthy and modern filmmaker. I am excited to get another update on this topic and surely hope it's a Boba Fett movie like so many are predicting.

Thoughts on Star Wars, the prequels, or Fett? Comment below.....