New To Blu: The Hunger Games

This is a re-post of our earlier review of The Hunger Games

I am absolutely shocked right now. Usually movies like these don't meet my expectations and fail under heavy handed marketing tactics that either mislead or simply cannot satisfy the audience's desire for a life altering cinematic experience. This is one rare instance that I feel like the movie succeeded on almost every level. Nothing about this movie, besides a couple poorly rendered CGI scenes, was a failure. The Hunger Games is Hollywood's answer to their current string of big budget failures and lack luster flops. If this is the way Hollywood is headed, I'm pleased to announce that I'm fully on board.

I've never read any of the books and had no real idea of what the movie was about other than the fact that it seemed eerily similar to the other teen on teen kill fest, Battle Royale. While it shares themes with it's predecessor, it's a completely different film with real character development and stronger elements of the dystopian future. Of the two, this is definitely the better movie. Don't let anyone fool you.

The Hunger Games reminded me of a long lost Hollywood that actually knew how to build a franchise, market it, and follow through with a great movie. This puts a smile on my face.

The Hunger Games is a satisfying cinematic experience that will finally appease your appetite for a great science fiction action film. To top it off, we finally get the triumphant theatrical return of Wes Bentley in a role that absolutely suits him.