Cinematic Releases: End Of Watch

Not since the original Lethal Weapon has there been a buddy cop movie this compelling brought to the screen. End Of Watch is an absolute cinematic triumph for the dwindling genre of good police dramas and the best "found footage" type film I've ever seen. It's mixed use of standard cinematography and digital footage serves the movie well, all the while creating a captivating environment loaded with tension and extremely realistic gangland violence.

I've been eagerly this movie for months and am ecstatic that I got a chance to see an advanced screening this evening. Honestly, I can't wait to see it again. It's not only a great cop movie for the profane camaraderie and laughs, but a movie that features some of the most natural acting ever transposed to film.

Jake Gyllenhaal reaches new heights with a dramatic delivery that he's come close to but never been able to fully grasp. End Of Watch is the culmination of his many years spent perfecting his craft. Michael Pena also shines as he finally takes the reigns in a role that will advance his career from supporting actor to leading man. I really can't put in to words how natural each of them are in this movie. You just need to see it to understand.  But, you will believe that these two are real life buddies that are also partners on the beat, working the gang infested territory of Los Angeles.

If you like police dramas, End Of Watch is the movie for you. It's a modern mix of Training Day, the gangland movies of the 90s, and the buddy cop films that I grew up with. At times the realism is over powering and the acting is amazing. This combination makes it one of the best of 2012.