New To Blu: HELL - Halloween Horror #3

This past week I decided that I would dedicate more time to horror films. As I've restated numerous times, I've always been a fan of the genre but lately I've been slightly disenfranchised with horror films in general. Over the course of a few years, the plots all began to intertwine as the torture porn genre took hold and no one really seemed to care about creating films that were actually horrific. Instead, the genre took a distinct downward trend in to low budget sequels and straight to DVD features that didn't really have the true horror fan in mind.

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I will state for the record: Horror is back. First, I had a great time enjoying the fiendish theatrical release, Sinister. Then, I watched the D'Onofrio serial killer flick, Chained. And now, I finally had a chance to see the post-apocalyptic German horror film called HELL. Out of the three, HELL has been my favorite as it pays tribute and borrows familiar themes from some of my favorite genre classics. HELL is a distinct hybrid of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Road, and Mad Max.

HELL is a survivalist film much like the original Friday the 13th or the first Texas Chainsaw but takes the female protagonist to a whole new environment: a scorched earth barren of vegetation. Much like The Road, the film is a study of mankind's will to survive despite the odds that are stacked against him/her. It's a depressing portrait that makes you fear the world to come and the real scientific possibilities that the sun could cast upon this green earth.

Despite a few minor plot holes and a couple glaring mistakes on the part of the main character, this is cinematic horror at it's modern best. Films like HELL give me hope that horror is making a bold return to the cinema and high def formats. Don't fear the subtitles. Check this movie out. You'll be glad you did.