Movie News: Kevin Smith Retiring......Again?

Is it just me or is Kevin Smith like the boy who cried wolf?

Well, he's once again come out with a retirement announcement.  He's announced this numerous times over the past couple years. From my recollection, Red State was to be his last foray into the world of cinema. Unlike most people, I quite liked his jab at the Westboro Baptist nut jobs and the fed's penchant for violence.

This time he's stating that he will make Clerks 3, then move on to
greener pastures like podcasts, tv, comic books, and spoken word tours. As much as I like Smith and think most of his work is hilarious, I have a hard time believing that he's going to retire from film making. For a man that conquered the film world with a low budget black and white feature, I think that he'll get bored being out of the field that defined his career.

Thoughts? Comments? Let us know what you think about Silent Bob retiring from film without ever winning an Oscar. Ummmm.........