Cinematic Releases: The Brass Teapot

The Brass Teapot is a unique independent film that does a brilliant job mixing elements of fantasy with dark comedy and the never ending battle between good and evil. It's also a romance that features an enchanting performance from the libidinous Juno Temple and a well rounded Michael Angarano in his best role to date. I wasn't sure what to expect or what the movie was even about, but I found myself absolutely enthralled with this near perfect fantastical gem of a movie. It's sexy, funny and quirky while never losing focus of it's underlying message about man and the inherent evil of material possessions.

Juno Temple has been hitting the indie circuit with numerous eclectic roles in the past few years, building a foundation for her performance in The Brass Teapot. She has a comedic timing and sexiness about her that could make her a big name star, but instead she focuses on inventive, unconventional roles like this, making her a respected actress that won't make movies that lack artistic merit. Angarano does his best to keep up with Temple as he finally takes on a completely unexpected role. He's still a bit goofy and awkward but seems to have finally found his comfort zone. He plays this character like a more youthful Sam Rockwell and it fits him like a glove (whenever he's fully clothed).

It's hard to please everyone. But,  I honestly felt that The Brass Teapot can appeal to a diverse audience like no other movie I've seen in 2013. The movie blends great characters with a timeless story that transcends typical Hollywood fare. I really have nothing to compare the movie to, other than the fact that some supporting characters seemed like they could have been ripped from an old school Coen Bros. movie. That is nothing to complain about. Director Ramaa Mosley does a phenomenal job with this first effort and I'm really looking forward to what she does next.

Take the time to watch this one. You'll be pleasantly surprised. The movie is violent, funny, sexy and features characters that you'll either fall in love with or despise. It is now available on Amazon streaming or in theaters in certain areas.