6 Questions With: Katharine Isabelle - Star of American Mary

TMS: You’ve built an extremely solid resume of films and television roles over the past twenty years. What would you say your favorite movie or project has been?

KI: My favorite? American Mary. I gained two best friends in the whole process and Mary is interesting and unique – especially for a female character in the horror genre. I loved being a part of something I really believed in and felt passionately about.

TMS: Considering the Ginger Snaps series, Freddy Vs. Jason, and American Mary, would horror be your favorite genre to work in?

KI: Horror? Not specifically. Shooting horror movies is always more fun than shooting a dark, heavy family drama or something like that but horror as a genre is not something I specifically seek out. I've only done a handful of horror movies in 26 years of working. I do love that horror fans are very enthusiastic and supportive as a community.

TMS: I had the privilege of seeing American Mary months ago. It’s one of the most enigmatic horror films of recent memory. In a way, it’s a game changer for American horror cinema. What was it like working on such a sincere but brutal piece of modern horror?

KI: The experience was really unique and special. The twins are so charismatic that everyone involved with the project was 110% committed. There wasn’t a huge amount of pay. Everyone just believed in the film, the script, the characters – and, of course, the twins. I was no exception.

TMS: Since we’re on the topic of horror (one of my favorite genres), what would you consider as your favorite scary movie? Are you a fan of newer horror or would you consider yourself a fan of the classics? Personally, I’m starting to enjoy where the genre is headed. The Soska Sisters have done something unique and I really hope to see this trend continue.

KI: I don’t really watch horror movies. They scare me. But my favorite movie of all time is Apocalypse Now which definitely has horrific elements.

TMS: What was it like working with the Soska Sisters on American Mary? From our interview with them, I can tell they have a strong work ethic and have a well defined vision when it comes to their work.

KI: Their work ethic is terrifyingly impressive – and their passion borders on insanity. I just want to follow them around all day and watch. They are geniuses.

TMS: So, what’s coming up for you next? From what we’ve been told, you’re wrapping another film this week. Can you tell us anything about the project or is it a secret?

KI: Next? I hope something else with the twins. As far as I’m concerned, I have an unbreakable lifetime contract with them. I will be working on every single thing they write or direct. Ever.

TMS: Sweet.

We thank Katharine for taking the time to do this interview. We know how busy her schedule is and we appreciate her enthusiasm in getting this back to us as fast as possible!

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