photo 047e0d90-ec16-4a31-8ccf-4a583be33866_zps65c68227.jpg Cinematic Releases: The Lone Ranger

Sadly, The Lone Ranger is getting destroyed by most critics. In fact, the movie is the exact definition of what a remake or reboot should be. It offers a fresh take on a classic character and story while it melds a cast of brilliant actors in to the second best movie of the summer so far. While the film is a bit long winded, it is easily the one standout movie this summer that has something for everyone. Old fans will enjoy nods to the vintage serials while a younger crowd will love the perfectly paced action sequences and top notch graphics work.

My initial impression was that The Lone Ranger would be another outlandish Depp vehicle in which he'd clone his Jack Sparrow character and would morph him in to a native American. Strangely, his performance as Tonto was much more enjoyable for me. Tonto has some shadows of the former, but is a much more rounded character with a depth that Sparrow always seemed to lack. The rest of the cast is absolutely top shelf. Under heavy makeup, William Fichtner steals the spotlight as the villainous Butch Cavendish. Barry Pepper continues his current winning streak as U.S. army leader, Fuller. Armie Hammer perfects the role of The Lone Ranger with clarity and ease while a more youthful looking Tom Wilkinson delivers another in a long line of outstanding performances.

The Lone Ranger comes at a time when most people are expecting nothing but huge explosions and non-stop action from their summer movies. A reinvigorated Gore Verbinski takes this classic tale of good versus evil and turns it into a summer blockbuster with stunning precision and detail that I was not expecting. The Lone Ranger is a throwback to classic westerns and serials while spinning a new take on the character of John Reid and his loyal sidekick Tonto. If you can be patient enough to get through the slow parts, you will definitely enjoy this movie.

Some scenes may be too violent for younger children, but I wouldn't necessarily shy away from taking them to see this.This Lone Ranger is the one you should introduce them to. There's just enough action and humor to hold their interest.

There seems to have been a predisposition to bashing this movie. I followed suit. In all honesty, don't listen to what the other critics say. Go see The Lone Ranger and enjoy a period piece that features an excellent story,  great acting, well choreographed action and some of the best effects work this summer. I'll be seeing this one again.