Cinematic Releases: Red 2

Bruce Willis. John Malkovich. Helen Mirren. Anthony Hopkins. Catherine Zeta-Jones.

That’s a lot of A-List firepower for any film to assemble. You would think any film with such a cast would have to be good. You would think that but you would be wrong. Such is the case for Red 2. Not much time is wasted putting the retired, yet extremely dangerous band back together in order to save themselves and the world from certain destruction.

The story begins with Frank (Bruce Willis) and Sarah, played again by the charming Mary-Louise Parker, trying to adjust to everyday life after the events of the first film. Obviously, that is not going to last long and before we know it we are being systematically lead from one excuse for an action scene to the next with little attempt to engage the audience with anything that resembles a clever plot. The few interesting things that could have been explored are instead ignored as we are ushered to the next vanilla action sequence. Nothing to think about here. Please move along.

There was potential for a fun movie here, Helen Mirren is a bright spot as she steals nearly every scene she's in. Anthony Hopkins does a nice job as well, considering what material he's given to work with. Also, of worthy mention is Byung-Hun Lee who delivers some pretty kick ass martial arts fight scenes.

Any of the fun and charm found in the first Red are lacking here. The film tried hard to be an action-comedy but the comic elements fall flat and the action is hollow due to a very uninspired script and an ending you’ll see coming from a mile away, even though none of the cast does.
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-guest post by Brian Rohe