Exclusives: Jinn Premiere

Jinn shows how a smaller budget can do big things.

A anxious crowd awaits
the premiere of Jinn.
Two of the The Movie Sleuth writers, Chris and J.G., had a chance to attend the red carpet premiere for the Michigan based feature, Jinn. 

The event was held at the classic Detroit Institute of Arts and was totally packed with a diverse crowd that truly captured the essence of the local community and the film world alike. As a first time experiencing something like this, it's easy to say it was a world class affair that made its attendees feel like they were in Hollywood schmoozing with big name stars. 

The film is a shining example how a lot of heart, a massive amount of dedication and bucket loads of team work can pay off while helping to drive the flailing local economy. When walking away from the gala event, one big thing struck me the most. The people behind Jinn went above and beyond to get their major motion picture made while never conforming to the standards of normal Hollywood tactics, as they strive to give the Michigan film community a well needed shot in the arm. Let's be honest. A certain governor eliminated a lot of the film incentives that our fine state once offered. Many productions left the state and went other places that would meet their needs. The producers of this movie aim to bring some of that business back with the possible financial and/or creative success of Jinn. 

Director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad
Jinn is a fantastical thriller that borrows and blends from numerous other pieces of work while maintaining an original story line. But, the one glaring example was its apparent love for another Michigan based piece we all know and love called The Evil Dead. Numerous scenes were highly reminiscent of Raimi's past work while the lead actor bares a striking resemblance to a youthful Bruce Campbell. In all honesty, this was just fine. Some of the best features out there use their influences to color and inspire their work. Jinn does just that while still telling its own unique story about the age old battle of good versus evil. 

The Movie Sleuth wishes to impress one thing upon readers of this article. Jinn could be a possible turning point for Michigan based film making. Exxodus Pictures has the right idea and business model when it comes to keeping things local and making the best out of the financial situation our great state is in. If Jinn is a box office success, it may finally prove that Detroit and the surrounding areas should and can be used for more major productions. Between this and the filming of the Superman sequel, we may experience a new cinematic golden age for Michigan. Isn't it time? I think we deserve it.

Jinn stars Dominic Rains, Serinda Swan, Ray Park, Faran Tahir, and William Atherton.