Movie News: Universal Rebooting Classic Monsters In New Universe

Universal is in the early workings of rebooting their classic monsters as a new series of movies.

"Need no reboot. Me sexy
For a while there's been lingering talk of Universal bringing back their classic monster properties in a rebooted universe that would reintroduce the characters to a whole new generation of fans. Deadline is reporting that Alex Kurtzman and and Chris Morgan have been brought on board by Universal to start developing a re-branding and total overhaul of the monsters that defined a generation of film. 

As it's currently in development, the first film in this new "universe" of monsters is going to be the rebooted Mummy film that's going to hit cineplexes sometime in 2016. The only thing that's going to confuse this whole idea is that these characters are currently in public domain and numerous other studios are putting out their own monster movies in the meantime. 

While I'm not too hot on the idea, I won't bash it until I see what the product might turn out like. After all, how many kids are familiar with The Invisible Man or a Werewolf that doesn't walk around shirtless trying to entice teenage girls?