Cinematic Releases: Big Hero 6

Baymax and his team of heroic nerds will excite animation fans this weekend. 

"Teamwork, yo."
Big Hero 6 blasts on to screens as one of the best comic book based super hero movies of 2014. With their first appearance in Alpha Flight #17 (1998), Disney finally brings one of the lesser known Marvel properties to theaters with awe inspiring perfection.

It's a vividly colored, fun packed animated film that dazzles with awesome action, a great morality tale, and uproarious humor that will satisfy both adults and the young ones. Big Hero 6 is exactly how super hero movies should be done.

At its core, Big Hero 6 is a story about teamwork and the evils of technology gone awry that will sit perfectly with comic book fans and will ignite a new found appreciation for Disney's top notch animation work. While the story is an amalgamation of numerous "evil doer" plots we've seen before, its dedication to the craft of finely tuned action sequences and slick character design makes this a joyous thrill ride from front to back. Disney does a bang up job blending their computer generated animation with a finely crafted script that will tug at your heart while kicking you in the face with deftly rendered fight scenes and seriously cool looking heroes.

Disney breaks away from some of their standard fare with Big Hero 6 but still manages to wrangle in an emotional impact with another story about children that have lost their parents. This consistent theme feels a little tired and lazy but doesn't weigh the movie down too much as it's basically glossed over as a character building exercise. These animated super heroes are more fleshed out and feel more energized and realistic than many of today's live action counterparts. There's an emotive quality to all the team members that comes from a mixture of pitch perfect voice work aligned with an awesome score and beautiful sound design.

"Wait til they get a load of me.....
and my robot, duh."
The fight sequences are huge, the villain feels menacing, and most of all Big Hero 6  is a movie that kids and their parents can enjoy together without ever feeling uncomfortable. This is Disney doing their darnedest to launch a genre bending, age defying franchise. And it totally works. I haven't had this much fun at the movies in a long time.

This will sit atop the list of the best movies of the year. It's hard to find one complaint about the adventures of this new team of heroes. Take the time to see this one. Big Hero 6 is definitely worth the price of admission.