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jamie bamber
Jamie Bamber stars in the April 14th release, John Doe:Vigilante.

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Jamie Bamber
“A vigilante is simply someone who violates the law in order to punish a criminal for what they believe is right, for what they believe is justice. So, what then you call a country who sends soldiers to kill people in places like Afghanistan or Iran, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam in the name of what they believe is right, in the name of what they believe is justice. That country is a vigilante pure and simple. Only when a country does it, people call it ‘war’ and nobody bats an eyelid. But when a country does it, they aren’t anywhere near as clinical or as careful as someone as John Doe and that country ends up killing thousands of innocent women and innocent children. Oh, collateral damage.”

Just one of the many powerful and moving statements of John Doe: Vigilante. This movie is very fitting to today’s world in that we, as a people, are capable of extraordinary things; good or bad. How actually corrupt and blinded we are or can be and most importantly fragile. John Doe Vigilante is what this world needs. John Doe Vigilante is a Batman who kills. John Doe Vigilante is a form of fear and control that is boundless. 

Starring Jamie Bamber, most famous for his role as Lee Adama in Battlestar Galactica, makes a very bold role choice as John Doe and acts his ass off, not that we’d expect anything else from him. Personally, I am glad I got to watch this, but am saddened that it might go under the radar. John Doe Vigilante is a gut-wrenching, emotionally driven vengeance flick, but with a touching message everyone can understand and probably get behind. 

"I am NOT Anonymous."
Taking place in Australia, you’re shown that the world we live in is spiraling out of control and that bad things happen everywhere, not just in uncivilized worlds like the media portrays. John Doe Vigilante’s message screams for a change that may never come in our lifetime or in a human existence. Like Bamber’s character, Lee Adama, this movie is a good example of human beings. Outside of its powerful stance, the movie is edited and scored precisely how it should be in order to achieve potency. 

I really hope this pushes Jamie Bamber into the beaming spotlight again because the dude can act and shouldn’t be doing anything else. With his success from Battlestar Galactica, he’s gone on to other smaller bits and is acting in Law and Order: UK (Oh, yeah…this guy is British) and most recently got his own TV show on TNT called Monday Mornings. Here’s to hoping the world can see more of his handsome face in movies, but don’t be fooled by it because Jamie Bamber is anything but just a face.

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