TV: Preacher First Look

Preacher is finally getting the treatment it deserves. Check out this first look. 

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After years of movie and TV series rumors it looked like Preacher was going to get lost in television purgatory. The end result was always the same - too dark and religiously controversial. Controversy has always been good for publicity, but add religion to the mix and things can get a little crazy. Remember when the first Harry Potter movie came out? Church groups came out in droves to protest the blatant witchcraft the movie and books promoted. They feared children were going to see the film, become addicted to those “jazz cigarettes,” and sell their souls to the devil. Today the series is a staple on ABC family. Now would be a good time to buy stock in over sized markers and picket signs because Preacher is finally happening and the world is going to lose its mind. From the casual glance Preacher looks like a Texas Walker Ranger meets Highway To Heaven mash up, yet there is a reason HBO, Miramax, and Columbia Pictures chose to abandon their attempts at adapting the series. Preacher is dark, full of satire humor, and is more religiously controversial than Mary Magdalene extracurricular activities. With production set to begin by the end of the month, here’s what we know so far.

Ruth Negga - Tulip

Joe Gilgun - Cassidy

Dominic Cooper - Jesse Custer

Ian Colletti - Arceface

The pilot for the popular Garth Ennis/ Steve Dillion series from Vertigo Comics is being developed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. Rogen has expressed no interest to appear in the series. Actor Dominic Cooper (The Devil’s Double) has signed on to play Jesse Custer, a small town Texas preacher who inherits the voice of God. Ethiopian/ Irish actress Ruth Negga has been cast as Jessie’s ex-girlfriend Tulip. While different from the blond haired caucasian from the comic, Negga’s impressive resume (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the upcoming game adapted film Warcraft) makes here the perfect choice for the bad ass female lead. Joe Gilgun will play fan favorite Cassidy, Jesse Custer best friend. He’s also a vampire. And he’s Irish, making him whiter than your average creature of the night. And he he likes to drink more than just blood.   

Fans of the comic will be pleased to discover that Ian Colleti has signed on to play Eugene Root AKA Arseface - the survivor of a failed Kurt Cobain tribute suicide. What!? Too soon? Deadwood favorite William Earl Brown has been cast as sheriff Hugo Root, Arseface's cruel and resenting redneck father.

No word yet which storyline AMC is looking to follow, or if the pilot will introduce any of the villains from the series. You know God, the Devil, the Saint of Killers. Dusty Springfield’s '60s classic "Son Of A Preacher Man" has been secured for the opening credits theme song. While it's only been confirmed as a pilot, the buzz has been strong for the adaptation, and a series is looking more and more likely. 

Production is set to begin in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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-Lee L. Lind