News: Boondock Saints Headed To TV

An older, wiser Troy Duffy is bringing The Boondock Saints to television.

After two films, The Boondock Saints are heading to television as a series. The first film was a sleeper hit with a massive cult following. It wound up making $50 million off the home video market. The second, All Saints Day tried to cash in on story points of the first and came off as a middling effort by a director that had no more fresh ideas. Well, it looks like Troy Duffy's Boondock Saints are getting their own series. Duffy is slated to write and direct the pilot episode.

The series is being set up as a prequel that will tell the early tales of the brothers. Early word is that Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery will only serve as executive producers on the show. Whether this thing actually sees the light of day will rely heavily on Duffy's work ethic and if he can fall in line with a studio that will want some amount of control over the series. Duffy is a known control freak that nearly destroyed his career due to creative battles with Miramax.

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