News: Former Josh Trank Star Wars Anthology Put On Hold

the movie sleuth
What was meant to be the Josh Trank Star Wars Anthology has been delayed until 2020.

the movie sleuth
"Thank god, Trank didn't
get his hands on me.
That would be a death worse
than Sarlaac."
Everyone already knows that the problematic Josh Trank was already removed from what was to be his Star Wars anthology several months back. Due to his on set antics and destructive tendencies, he was not going to be allowed anywhere near a Disney/Lucasfilm production. With that said, it's coming out today that the anthology he was going to be working on has been put on hold while Lucasfilm continues to churn out the new trilogy and the spin-off Rogue Squadron franchise. 

It is said that Trank was attached to work on a set of films that would focus on the character of Boba Fett. While fans may weep that their favorite bounty hunter is getting set aside for a while, this could be a good thing. Too much Star Wars too fast may over saturate the market a little too quickly. 

From what we've read, Kinberg's script is ready to go and Lucasfilm is still saying that Fett's story is a "high priority". However, some fans have been concerned about how many movies are being churned out in such a short period of time. With a little breathing room and the successes that await Episodes 7-9, we might be happier to let quality overtake quantity. 


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