TV News: Amanda Seyfried For Twin Peaks Season 3

The next season of Twin Peaks is getting a big name star added to its lineup.

The always daring Amanda Seyfried is officially joining the cast of David Lynch's new season of Twin Peaks. Forever changing and growing as an actress, Seyfried has shown in the past couple years that she's not fearful of anything. From her sexually charged roles in Chloe and Lovelace to comedic leanings in Ted 2, Seyfried continues to spread her wings as one of Hollywood's leading ladies.

Now that Lynch is back on board the continuation of his mysterious creative lovechild, Twin Peaks, they're full steam ahead with casting. Seyfried is said to be starring in numerous episodes and its rumored that she's somehow connected to Agent Dale Cooper. Despite some major stumbling blocks in the beginning stages, the show will have an 18 episode run with MacLachlan returning as his pivotal character. Twin Peaks season three has now been pushed to 2017. 


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