TV: The Walking Dead - Season 6 Episode 3 - Thank You

The Walking Dead marches on with a better than average, tension loaded season 6.

"My fist. It's dirty."
After a mixed bag during season 5 and a Fear The Walking Dead series launch that left a lot to be desired, the story of our favorite skull mashing zombie killing crew seems to have finally found a new direction. Having some waned interest over the course of the past two years, this latest season seems more focused on getting back on track, once again proving what a total bad ass Carol is and taking Rick further down the rabbit hole into madness. With the full time addition of Lennie James as Morgan, The Walking Dead feels slightly fresh again and doesn't revel in the stagnation of previous seasons. The ante of violence has been fully charged this year and the new possibilities for the show seem to finally be balancing themselves out. To be honest, I almost swore the show off after last season, but last week's JSS finally sucked me right back into their world. 

With The Wolves finally making their appearance and the town's future on the cusp of absolute destruction, The Walking Dead isn't so much about moving from place to place like a band of gypsies anymore. It's more focused on protecting the little they have. And (for once) it feels strangely similar but amplified in its attack. Keeping it as realistic as they possibly can, the undead are finally showing signs of organic breakdown as they seem more aggressive but more fragile in structure. Obviously, the human on human drama aspects are taking away from the zombie presence, but its almost a necessary evil at this juncture in the show. 

This week's episode, Thank You, finally brings a large set of balls back to the show and sees the death of one of the main characters. Although the kill has some saying he'll be back,  I think it's safe to say he's gone. Surviving that would make no sense. Writing themselves out of that obviously unflinching death would call into question the writer's dedication to the brutality of the series and would seem utterly out of place considering all the other main characters we've seen die in horrendous ways. With a keyboard fury hitting the internet right now, it's reconfirmed that The Walking Dead still has a cold handed stranglehold on Sunday night viewership, despite its lower ratings this year.

Seeing that the writing staff is stepping up to the plate and finally taking chances again, it hopefully means we're going towards one of the most vicious seasons to date. So far, this sixth year has shown us exactly how far they're willing to go for shock value, reinvigorated character development, and no end in sight for the legions of zombies the humans are facing. With a new human gang of antagonists and the largest group of walkers we've ever seen, AMC is making the right steps towards being fearless with The Walking Dead. From a person that was nearing his last days as a fan of the show, I can say I'm fully on board with the way they're heading. 

Rick and the others will never rest easy. Season 6 (so far) has been a brave creative expedition that might lose some viewers, will regain some, and will ultimately keep the integrity of the show alive, never looking back and never selling out. 



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