Christmas Horror: It's A Wonderful Knife

Lee reviews the short Christmas horror film, It's A Wonderful Knife. 

"I'm about to be naughty!"

When a fed up prostitute blames Santa Claus for her miserable existence, all hell breaks lose. Written by Seth Sinclair and directed by visual effects artist Nick Lines, It's A Wonderful Knife packs a lot of story into a nearly 11 minute film. 

The film takes place is a corner of a darkened warehouse, and plays out like a torture and interrogation scene. Think Hostel for the holidays. Lines also lends his special effects talent to the film, which gives the short a polished big screen look. One visual effect involving a ragged old teddy bear is especially impressive. The film can be a little shocking at times as Santa, perfectly played by Jack McGee, spews vulgarities that would make the elves back at the North Pole blush. Praise also goes to short film actress Kate Ward who does a good job bringing the troubles and anxieties of Kitty Rogers to Santa's attention.

"No. It's not a drunk nose."
It's A Wonderful Knife is an intriguing story. Sinclair's screenplay immediately catapults viewers into an uncomfortable and suspenseful setting. It wastes no time getting to the point, and presents a creepy holiday version of redemption. The film wraps up with a satisfying finish, but it leaves the door open for so much more. Many short films provide a great platform to build and expand off of. Seeing a finished product on screen often enlightens and inspires a bigger picture (pun intended), and It's A Wonderful Knife certainly fits the bill. Although the short format makes it perfect for multiple viewings, providing viewers the opportunity for a quick horror fix during the busy holiday season. It's like that old snow globe your grandmother puts out every year. It’s always good for a shake. 

While it may not be fun for the whole family, it’s an enjoyable short, especially for those who tend to end up on Santa’s naughty list. Keeping true to it’s holiday setting, it proves revenge is a dish best served with cookies and milk. Overall, it's a nice stocking stuffer addition to the dysfunctional holiday film lineup. 


-Lee L. Lind

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