Reviews: Fear The Walking Dead - Season 2 Episode 1 - Monster

The second season of FTWD heads to sea. 

Let's find an iceberg and sink this boat!
The zombie exposition continues as Fear The Walking Dead kicks off right on the coattails of its predecessor's season finale last week. Continuing to set up the apocalypse of the undead, the spinoff still seems to be twiddling its thumbs as our main characters try to find safe harbor among the collapse of society. Unlike the much more popular originator, FTWD still struggles to make a strong case for the leader of the group. Despite these actor's strongest efforts, something is still amiss with this show. Without a Rick or someone comparable to lead this new group of survivors, the second season's premiere still suffers the same fate that so many complained about last year. With typical human infighting already starting, FTWD needs more zombies and less melodrama. And it needs to set a new precedent for how it's going to continue forward. 

As a whole, this spinoff is still missing the elements that draw such a huge following to The Walking Dead. Nothing about these new folks is endearing and they lack the chemistry that still remains so apparent on its counterpart. Yes, we're in the throes of the crumbling world surrounding them, but there is no real sense of danger that should embolden the the downfall that is immediately present around them. Obviously, putting them at sea sets this apart and gives a different outlook on the escaping the outbreak, but it does nothing to impress viewers like myself that are still on the fence about this offshoot.

If FTWD doesn't pick up the pace soon, people will definitely lose interest. Trying to distance itself from the better zombie show is good in some ways, but they should try to make more of an effort to use similarities to tie them together. They don't even seem like they take place in the same world. By continuing on this path again for season two, more people will bail on the go nowhere plot of this thing. These writers should be taking full advantage of great actors like Kim Dickens and Ruben Blades. They've proven themselves time and time again. It's time to use them to full effect and finally make something out of this struggling show in its second season or else we might be facing a sinking ship full of fresh human meat.

I highly doubt AMC would take a bullet and cancel this show any time soon, but they desperately need to retool and find a way to give this adventure a kick in the ass. Otherwise, FTWD might find an early grave.

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