Ten of the Best Horror Movies You've Probably Never Seen

Raul lists ten of the best horror movies you've probably never seen....or maybe you have. 

We're just presuming you've never seen these movies. If you have, great. If not, check out this list and find out about some of the best horror movies you've probably never seen. This list is in no specific order.

A group of rowdy French youngsters are invited to a friend’s house in the country. There, they are introduced to the family’s weird shepherd and his wife. It stars Vincent Cassel in dual roles in what is probably the creepiest film of his career. Featuring the always excellent Cassel and the new French horror wave; you have to check this one out.  

A man imprisons his friend in a cabin in order to help him detox. The cabin is located on an Indian reservation and there are a series of strange occurrences involving multiple recording devices. This isn’t blood-and-guts horror, but a psychological chiller that is strange and creepy. This is a film that will either blow you away or won't. It's divisive. 

Everybody should have seen this film by now. But it’s foreign. Of course they’re trying to make a needless American version. A documentary crew follows a man who works for the government in the Troll Security Service and his job is to monitor trolls and cover up any problems and clues that they truly exist. The film is a mockumentary like The Blair Witch Project and tries to mix in elements of scary and funny moments. The troll special effects are amazing.

Six men go on a guys-only retreat for a weekend in the country, in a town that has three times the number of women as men. The only problem is that all of the women have turned into zombies. It’s a British horror-comedy that features Danny Dyer and Stephen Graham, with loads of gore and blood, which should be the only reason needed to watch this one. It’s a bloody great time.

La Horde
A French zombie film that involves a group of gangsters and crooked cops trying to escape an apartment building filled with zombies. It’s the zombie version of The Raid. There are tons of flying body parts and gore galore and it’s better than most of the recent zombie trash that’s been released. Do not confuse this with the new horror dreck, The Horde. 

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Murder Party
This is the first film of Jeremy Saulnier, the director of Blue Ruin and Green Room. A man finds a random invitation to a Halloween party that is being hosted by a group of artists who have sinister plans. It’s bloody and hilarious, especially if you’re an artist. I’ve watched this so many times  that I’ve actually lost count. I highly recommend a watch. It’s the reason that I followed the director and immediately saw Blue Ruin when it came out.

Inside AKA A L’interieur
This is another French horror film that involves a mourning woman being attacked in her home. Much like the others that are listed here, as well as Martyrs and Haute Tension, this one pushes the level of graphic violence and gore. Some may say this is actually the most violent out of all of them.

A gang of young thieves take off from Paris after a robbery and end up at an inn where a sadistic cannibal family lives. This is an extremely messed-up French version of the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, quite possibly even more deranged than they ever were. It features Simon Le Bihan, who starred in the excellent Brotherhood of the Wolf and Red. This one completely shocked all of my horror genre friends when we watched it.

It’s The Office meets a horror film, as a sales team goes on a corporate retreat and ends up being hunted down by a group of war-crazed killers. Once again, Danny Dyer appears. It’s a British horror comedy that totally delivers with humor and some major gore and violence.

This is like a German version of The Silence of the Lambs. As a serial killer is captured and a cop questions him in order to obtain a confession, the story unfolds More of a psychological thriller than any of the other films listed, the evil of this killer begins to alter the psyche of the cop. For Walking Dead fans, Norman Reedus appears in this movie. 

-Raul Vantassle