The Next 007: Our Top 5 Choices For The New James Bond

With Daniel Craig still in flux and rumors of a Tom Hiddleston takeover, we list 5 of our (other) favorite picks for the next Bond. 

While Idris Elba has been keen to offer his assistance as the next James Bond and Gillian Anderson throwing her name in the ring as the first ever female incarnation of the character, we take a quick look at five other actors that could fill the shoes of the world's most famous agent. After the ending of Spectre, we're all disappointed that Craig has lost interest in playing Bond. But, there will always be a new Bond every few years.  What other picks would we make? Read and find out. 

Michael Fassbender
Why?  Because there's nothing he can't do. Fassbender can play the suave, super spy with grace, charisma, and the acting chops to carry the character beyond anything we've seen before. Fassbender is known for changing up his style with each role and would be sharp as a tack playing James Bond. He can romance the ladies and play the cool and collected womanizer as well as filling the physical demands of action sequences. The man can do no wrong and Bond would be right up his alley. 

Nicholas Hoult
Hoult has the accent and the charm to play Bond. He's just out of the gate as a big name star and could help take the Bond story back to an even younger version of the character. Hoult has proven his worth in the X-Men series and is steadily building up a solid resume that would support him taking on 007. Hoult is a charismatic actor that always takes chances and wouldn't hesitate to play James. For a youthful Bond, this could be a super solid pick. 

Henry Cavill
Despite his attachment as Clark Kent/Superman in Snyder's series of DC movies, Cavill could be a nearly perfect fit for the character. His physicality has been proven time and time again in Man of Steel and the failed Man From U.N.C.L.E. . Yet, it's his performance in the latter mentioned movie that proves he could be a spot on actor to attach to the next Bond entry. Cavill can easily carry the dramatic weight but also has a hilarious penchant for comedic timing and playing off other actors. Played against a great female lead, Cavill could be a slam dunk.

Damian Lewis
Damian is a long proven drama fueled actor that deserves a huge franchise. He's been around for decades but only recently became a bigger name star after his time spent on Homeland. While Lewis doesn't quite look the part, he has the accent and the penchant for soaking up great scripts. The man literally becomes whomever he's playing on screen. His turn on Billions as Bobby Axelrod is further proof of the man's talents and fortitude for creating stunning characters. 

Dan Stevens
As the most perfect pick from this entire list, Stevens is a dynamic actor that never hesitates to play against type. He has the look, the feel, and the obvious traits to take over as James Bond. With his calculated role in The Guest, a repeat spot on Downton Abbey, and a slew of nearly unknown projects including a ton of short films, Stevens could come into the Bond franchise and give it a major kick in the ass by starting over with a sharper edge and new take that relies on great acting chops, good looks, and the right attitude for 007. Stevens is my favorite choice because he doesn't play by the rules and does what he wants with his career. If anything, that's James Bond defined. 

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