Reviews: The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn (2016)

Raul reviews The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn which releases tomorrow!

The Killer Robots! are a Gwar style Orlando based theatrical rock band that perform in giant robot costumes and are known for their wild stage shows. While the band Gwar is known as more of a horror themed band, The Killer Robots! are based upon the low budget B-grade sci-fi movie genre of the 1950’s. Their first movie was released in 2009 and was aptly titled The Killer Robots and the Battle for the Cosmic Potato. This second picture reportedly began filming way back in 2010 and was gradually worked on until its release here in 2016.

We're total bad asses. And we're made of steel. 

The story involves four robots who reluctantly become a group of potential heroes as they are thrust into a mission in order to find and activate a machine that will bring about a new age of enlightenment. Along the way they take on an evil villain and his endless supply of killer robots. This has all of the makings of being a modern cult film; in fact it feels as if that was the filmmaker’s intent to begin with. It is a somewhat loving tribute to all of the wonderful low budget sci-fi films of the 1950’s, mixed with the modern special effects that are seen in Kung Fury and some of the Comedy Central late night shows. 

The effects are a nice combination of miniatures and green screens. At times some of it may look ridiculous, but that’s part of the charm of this type of movie. Despite containing obvious low budget effects, it doesn’t detract from the motion picture and actually has an overall impressive look and color tone to it. Most of the characters are completely silver and black, so there are times when they throw some strong colors on them that really stand out. There are also some nice looking scenes involving the sun shining and the light coming from the sky.

I'm pooping my robotic pants right now. 

This isn’t going to win any awards but it was never meant to. The plot could be considered weak and there is minimal character development, but what exactly would you expect from a movie that is paying homage to all those great low budget sci-fi flicks that have tons of fans. What they do end up delivering on is great low budget effects, tons of robots, explosions, lots of action, and a decent amount of comedy.

Bottom line, this is going to appeal to fans of cult cinema and the low budget sci-fi genre.

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-Raul Vantassle