VOD Releases: All Through The House (2016) - Reviewed

todd nunes, horror
On VOD/DVD October 4th

Available on VOD and DVD on October 4th is the new Santa slasher All Through the House from writer/director Todd Nunes, a wonderful mix of creepy weird and oddly dark comedic situations with some obvious nods to 1980’s horror films such as The Burning, Friday the 13th, and Silent Night, Bloody Night. It has to be considered the must see independent horror movie of the upcoming holiday season, delivering a dose of hilarity, beautiful babes, a high body count, and a bloody good time. The story involves a killer dressed in a Santa outfit, we’re a spoiler free site so that’s all of the information that you’re going to get or need for this one.

The story doesn’t break any new ground in the world of horror, but there is some great dialogue and an almost satirical take on the genre. The dialogue and situations are very much R-rated, so this is one that I suggest not letting the kiddies watch. Nunes does provide an interesting cast of eclectic characters, who are given just the right amount of on screen time before their untimely deaths occur. The pacing slows down a little bit in the third act as the plot is wrapped up, but it doesn’t detract from the overall fun of this one. Some horror fans are going to be displeased with the fact that certain scenes and kills are similar to other classics within the genre, because this could be described as being this year’s horror version of Stranger Things. So be warned in advance if you don’t like movies or television shows that borrow elements of things from your childhood that you love.

The camera work is decent, providing some nice establishing shots and a willingness to stay on the graphic gore sequences. The lighting is superb, with some nice shadows being cast on the actors and the use of Christmas lights and Christmas themed colors to create a few distinctive lighting effects. The acting isn’t going to win any Academy Awards, but it’s good enough for this type of production. Depending on your personal viewpoint, you will either find one of the main characters creepy or somewhat cheesy. The actor Lito Velasco that portrays the Santa killer is excellent, creating a unique and nuanced character through just the use of his physicality. It is this type of character that makes a horror picture memorable.

todd nunes, horror
I should have left Santa some milk and cookies

The overall look and practical effects are outstanding. The Santa mask that was created or discovered is absolutely brilliant and scary. The practical effects and high body count are what will most likely sell this one, Nunes does a fantastic job of making sure to keep the blood flowing and having each kill be distinctive and superb in its own way.

This motion picture has enough cool scares and WTF crazy moments to please most hardcore horror fans. This really has the potential to be something that is remembered, garnering a cult status or even a future sequel.

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-Raul Vantassle