New to Blu: Interrogation (2016) – Reviewed

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Now on Blu-ray and VOD
Now available on Blu-ray and VOD from WWE studios is the action thriller Interrogation, starring WWE hall of famer Adam “Edge” Copeland and current WWE diva C.J. “Lana” Perry. The story is about an FBI behavioral analyst and interrogation specialist (Copeland), who plays a game with a bombing suspect in order to find out the location of an even bigger explosive device. It is an unfortunate misfire that doesn’t reach the same quality level of shows like Lie to Me or terrorist dramas such as Unthinkable (2009).

The story isn’t really that bad and it features a rather atypical ending for this type of thriller; however the script suffers from too much 1980’s rogue cop tropes, some weak dialogue at times, and not enough realistic decision making from the characters. It feels less like a film and more like an extended episode of a lower tier television show. Some of this could be attributed to poor casting choices, but a more polished script and less hokey scenarios might have improved the quality of the plot. I was quite surprised that they went for an R-rating, seeing as WWE television has gone more family friendly since becoming a publicly traded company. That being said, there is some language and Nazi imagery that makes an appearance.

The camera work from director Stephen Reynolds is finely done. All of his feature length productions so far have been WWE Studios movies, previously helming Vendetta, and 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown. He does everything necessary to make this look interesting, providing nice establishing shots, decent camera angles and placement, and effective crane shots. The production values are superb as well, using multiple locations and real buildings in a downtown city setting. They also had access to various police vehicles and props that added to the realistic look of the picture. The score is basically your standard action score, which almost feels like stock music from a Michael Bay actioner.

The acting overall is fairly average. Copeland looks believable but just seems to have the same look and demeanor on his face through most of this. I don’t think that this type of character is best suited for him. He fits better in a role where he would be cracking jokes instead of having to be serious the whole time. There are several fighting sequences that he is involved in and they all come off as looking good. I’m not sure if he actually performed all of his stunts, seeing as he had major neck surgery that forced him to retire from wrestling. Lana is more than passable as the attractive female computer tech geek. At least you get to see a different version of her, minus the Russian accent. The standout is Patrick Sabongui, who has an excellent performance as the bomber and essentially carries this motion picture.

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I am totally going to out-act you at the next pay-per-view

Let’s not forget what this is, a straight-to-VOD and Blu-ray release. And it isn’t necessarily pretending to be anything other than that. So it does provide the required gun fights, explosions, car chases, and fight scenes to fairly entertain the core demographic that WWE Studios is trying to reach. Regardless, it fails to impress like some of the other recent VOD actioners have.

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-Raul Vantassle