News: More John Wick 2 Details

Director Chad Stahelski provided some new information about John Wick 2 in an interview with EW.

In the new interview, he said:
“I would say we had twice as much action as the first movie. We took it all a full notch up as far as the driving car stuff went. A great portion of the car chase in the opening of the film is Keanu, which is very impressive.”
He also talked about how this second film well delve even deeper into the world of baddies that exist.
“What’s it like to be in a world like this? That’s what we really wanted to expand on,” the director said. “Me and the other creators on the show, my partner and the other producers, the biggest attraction to us about filmmaking really is creating a universe, and creating a world, and creating a little bit of escape. That’s really what we focused on and we’re hoping that’s what comes across in the second movie.”
The film is scheduled to be released on February 10th, 2017.
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