VOD Releases: Spaghettiman (2016) - Reviewed

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Spaghettiman. The name says it all. If you’re looking for a feel good movie about an Italian chef who's homemade pasta charms the culinary world you'll be sadly disappointed. This film is about a man struggling to find his identity. When lovable loser Carl heats a plate of spaghetti in a malfunctioning microwave, he accidentally consumes a saucy plate of radiation that gives him extraordinary abilities. 

Yes, the concept is ridiculous, but it takes a lot of meatballs to pull something like this off. Immediately noticeable is the film’s professional production. It isn't some DIY movie put together using a couple handheld camera like many low budget "whatever it takes to get made" films. It may share the outrageous plot and wacky characters, but the quality of this film surpasses your typical B movie. Spaghettiman is pieced together well, relying heavily on comedic moments to keep a steady pace. Much praise can be given to Mark Potts for an editing job that again, far surpasses your typical crazy concept movie. I'll admit, the quality and execution of this film took me by surprise,Spaghettiman isn't your standard cookie cutter save the world comic hero movie.

The story incorporates a good dose of reality (yeah, i can't believe it either), and brings to light the financial circumstance of a hero. Should a superhero be paid for the justice he provides? Fire fighters get paid. Police officers get paid. Should a man who can sling spaghetti from his hands be able to score a little scratch for his efforts? In many ways the film is a satire against the monthly big budget comic book movies that are taking over cinemas like a super powered zombie horde. Sitting high atop pop culture mountain, these big studio films continue to raise the bar with stories that span across the universe. With Spaghettiman, there are no flashy costumes, no sidekicks or gadgets; just a man who uses spaghetti against those who do harm to others.

Soup there it is!

If wild antics and outrageous buffoonery isn’t your thing, then this film will obviously miss the target. Yet then again, the execution, and clever direction of Mark Potts, really helps this film differentiate itself from similar concept films. In addition, the above average acting along with some surprising plot twists make for a enjoyable watch. With a noodle box full of saucy humor, Spaghettiman has more laughs than Chef Boyardee on a Italian wine tour. It’s silly, but at moments gets surprisingly very dark. It’s a element that definitely helps round out the film, which at times, threatens to be too one-sided. Overall, it’s the creativity that really puts this film ahead of its competition. It’s an outrageous concept, but the wild inventive use of pasta is as ridiculous as it is brilliant. If spaghetti, alfredo, or even ramen is your thing, then grab a bowl and delight in the most culinary hero to hit the mean streets of crime since Bananaman. Bon Appetit!

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-Lee L. Lind