New To Blu: Arrow Video: Slugs (1988) - Reviewed

New from Arrow Video is the Blu-ray/DVD release of the 1980's American and Spanish co-produced horror film Slugs. It's a fast paced, entertaining gore filled romp that combines elements of Jaws, David Cronenberg's Shivers, and various killer bug and eco-terror pictures. Based upon a novel by Shaun Hutson, a New York town is under attack from a murderous group of black slugs. A health inspector is the only person in town who believes that slugs are the evil threat behind the rising body count. Can he save the town in time before it's too late?

Don't expect anything groundbreaking plot-wise, because this is a pretty formulaic by the books movie. It follows a similar story path as so many other motion pictures that fall within the subgenres of killer animals, killer bugs, or eco-terror, including the 1986 Night of the Creeps. The major differences between this one and some of these others is that Slugs doesn't contain any intentional humor, but it has a great deal of highly effective gore sequences.

The directing is done well and many cult and horror fans will already be familiar with Spanish director Juan Piquer Simon, who also directed Pieces and The Rift. He makes use of nice camera angles and the colors look vibrant, with most of the events taking place during the day time. The slugs look excellent and the sequences with them are superbly filmed. The special effects scenes look great as well, making sure not to linger too long on the gore sequences which further adds to their intensity.

The acting is average, but the main characters seem believable enough for their roles. The score from Tim Souster is all over the place and at times just weird. It wants to evoke the style of Jaws and Alfred Hitchcock pictures, yet at times sounds like it has been recycled from a television cop drama.

The main reason this one is so remembered and loved by cult film fans is because of the absolutely gross and memorable gore scenes. For some they are almost vomit inducing, including one scene that hearkens to the stomach bursting moment in Alien.
Ahh, I didn't order a bloody mary!!

Leave all logic behind and just enjoy the ride from this enjoyable horror flick that provides everything that horror fans require, blood, violence, nudity, gore, and lots of slugs.

Avoid the slugs and pass on this review.