Reviews: The Walking Dead - Season 7 Episode 2 - The Well

After a blistering season premiere that destroyed all our senses and made Rick a dumbfounded emotional wreck, the second episode comes along and sets a new path for Carol and Morgan. 

Considering the high stakes of the opener, week two takes it down a notch and breaks away from the unforgiving violence and bloodshed at the hands of our new villainous leader, Negan. Finally using their brains, the writers of The Walking Dead seem to have a handle on where they're heading again. This week, they strike a common chord and find a perfect remedy to last week's introduction of purified evil. This episode adds a new protagonist to redeem the sheer negativity of the season opener's antagonist. And it feels really good. Hope may be back in the fray for some of our characters, at least for a while. 

Centering on the relationship between Carol and Morgan, The Well is a welcome break from all the carnage we've been put though. Wisely, the show seems to be getting back on even footing as character development and a true story arc is making a nice return to the world of walkers and human on human violence. No, the peacefulness of this week's story won't last for long as we already see some foreshadowing that the balance between groups will once again unwind in a fiery wreck. But, the audience has been granted a minor reprieve and a slight mental vacation from Lucille's 

carol and morgan
Carol, I've always had a thing for broads in wheelchairs. Wanna get freaky?

With The Walking Dead we all know that peace and tranquility won't ever truly exist. But, it's a good way to give the main characters some room to grow and adapt. Another interesting bit was the small inklings of humor that were thrown in for good measure this week. Amidst the confines of a world that's going to hell in a handbasket, there was a sign of glimmering light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, that tunnel will close and more people will die. This was all a tease that will be shattered over the course of this first half season. 

As a guy that was ready to give up on The Walking Dead, I can't say it enough. I'm glad my wife wouldn't let me quit. It's getting better week by week. 

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