News: John Wick Director Snags The Deadpool 2 Gig

After Tim Miller left the Deadpool sequel over a myriad of creative differences with the studio and Ryan Reynolds, the film was in flux for only a few weeks. It seems that the director from John Wick, David Leitch has officially taken the gig on the sequel. Leitch has a great eye for action, awesome camerawork, and definitely knows how to get the best out of his fight coordinators. 

Numerous sources are posting that Leitch has signed on the dotted line and the project will now be moving forward with a firm grasp on a more reasonable budget than Miller had in mind, a more streamlined creative pact with Reynolds, and a better understanding of what the studio wants. 

Now we wait and see if this turns out as good as the first one. Don't be lame. Share this news.