Images: A Fantastic Collection Of Stunning Sci-Fi And Fantasy Based Heavy Metal Comic Book Covers From 1983 And 1984

This is a continuation of posts featuring the fantastic Heavy Metal comic book covers.
Heavy Metal was a landmark adult comic book that featured some of the greatest artists of the late 1970's and 1980's. An argument could be made that they are some of the greatest comic book artists of all time, with many of them considered to be that. We previously showed off some of the excellent covers from the late 1970's here,  1980/1981 here, and 1982/1983 here. This continues with a collection of front and back covers from 1984 and 1985 and features the artists Enric, Royo, David Dorman, Michael Gross, Greg Hildebrandt, Sanjulian, Ballestar, Andy Lackow, Boris Vallejo, Michael Kanarek, Mark America, Tito Salomoni, Richard Corben, Gaetano Liberatore, Montxo Algora, Caza, Toni Taylor, Pater Sato, Esteban Maroto, James Cherry, Ron Lightburn, Steven Sabella, Olivia, Voss, John Workman, Pamela Lee, Mark Hannon, Michael Uman, Olivia De Berardinis, Ajin, and Mitch Oconnell. This is really just a small sample of the impressive and influential work that is part of this comic series. Check out the images below.