Images: A Wonderful Collection Of Sexy Covers From The Classic Horror Comic Book Vampirella 1974-1975

This is a collection of covers for the horror comic Vampirella.

The success of the horror magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland lead to Warren Publishing creating spin offs such as Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella. Like those other Warren Publishing magazines, Vampirella is well known for its beautifully painted covers. The female vampire character was created by Forest J. Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins. She first appeared in Vampirella #1 in 1969 and the original series ran until issue #113 in 1983. This is a collection of covers from 1974-1975, we previously posted 1969-1971 here, and 1972-1973 here. It features work from Sanjulian, Enrich, Jose Gonzalez, Frank Frazetta, Ken Kelly, and Ribas. Check out the images below.