New Horror Releases: Die! Sitter! Die! : Rupert – Reviewed, Plus Trailer And Release News

Die! Sitter! Die! : Rupert is the must see horror short film that you unfortunately won’t be able to see at this time. It will not be released as a short film, due to it being part of a planned anthology from the directing team of Sam and Lee Boxleitner. They are currently in talks with different studios and production companies about making the feature and hope to have it ready by Halloween 2017. This is an impressively gross and messed up dark comedy that boasts an excellent score, locations, cast, and some great moments of gore.

Without spoiling anything, the story is basically a babysitting job that goes bad and gets super weird. The dialogue is terrific and the situations are a nice mixture of being comedic, violent, and creepy. The movie is crafted well and contains good camera movement, placement, and flow. The amazing looking house and its interior settings add extra production value and act as almost another actor in the picture. The score from Sam Boxleitner is outstanding and has a 1980’s Nightmare on Elm Street synth vibe to it, while mixing sounds that you would expect to hear from baby music. There are three principal actors that appear in this and they each do a wonderful job, especially co-director Lee Boxleitner. He absolutely kills it in his role.

The situations are strange and unusual and that also leads to some glorious gore sequences and violence within the 25 minute production. This is superbly entertaining and I cannot wait to see what else the duo has in store for audiences when the anthology eventually comes out. While you can’t see the full short film, you can watch the trailer and continue to follow them on Facebook for future updates.