New Horror Releases: Don’t Fuck In The Woods (2016) – Reviewed

You shouldn’t expect any type of subtlety when a new horror film is titled Don’t Fuck in the Woods, with a poster featuring a scantily clad female’s ass in a bikini. The title basically tells you to not break the number one slasher rule or you’re screwed, which leads us to a plot involving a group of horny college kids going camping and being hunted by a monster attracted to the scent of sex. This combination of Humanoids from the Deep, Predator, and a soft-core skin flick pushes the limit of excess, offering up loads of attractive babes, nudity, sex, and graphic violence and gore. 

The plot is fairly weak, with just enough to get this group into the woods so they can screw and get slaughtered. There is a subplot involving a lesbian couple that is subtlety explored and is used to create some emotional depth in the third act. The dialogue is comedic at times and there are several decent conversations that are slightly reminiscent of what you would hear in a Kevin Smith movie. The downside is that they are often drowned out by the background music or score. One issue that some horror fans may have is the significant amount of sexual situations, which seem slightly overplayed as a way to compensate with the low budget special effects. 

The acting is pretty much what you would come to expect from a low budget horror movie. Roman Jossart and Hannah Herdt do a decent job providing the comedic element. Ayse Howard and Brittany Blanot are both good as the lesbian couple and display the most range as the core characters in the story. Almost all of the actresses are nude at some point, providing a bevy of eye candy for the thirsty viewers. 

Shawn Burkett took on many roles in the production, including writing, directing, cinematography, producing, editing, and working on the score. He does the best that he possibly can in making the picture look like it has a much larger budget than around $10,000. There are some excellent large overhead shots establishing locations and the monster is smartly filmed, using a mixture of POV shots and quick editing to avoid exposing any costume imperfections. 

You sure got a pretty mouth!

Besides the gratuitous nudity, the standard horror fan expects a great deal of gore and violence. Burkett uses practical effects to create a monster and deliver enough gross out gore to please the fans. If you’re looking for a monster flick that harkens back to the VHS era and has boobs, babes, violence, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, then you should enjoy this one.

Share the warning and strongly avoid sexual acts in the woods!

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