News: Friday the 13th Reboot Mask Going Old School

This latest incarnation of Friday the 13th has gone through many different plot ideas and shifting patterns of how the movie would get made. There were rumors of a found footage style release, another total reboot, and many other rumblings in the world of Jason. Fans have been aching for a new entry in the franchise ever since the lackluster relaunch back in 2009. It's weird thinking that the killer series has been dead and buried since then. 

While the uninitiated may think that Jason wore the mask for the entire run of the series, the fans know that's wrong. He didn't put the mask on until Part 3. Barring continuity, the mask changed from movie to movie which just seemed a little silly. 

In preparation for the new film, the producers at Platinum Dunes have requested that the new effects crew goes old school by copying the hockey mask style from Friday the 13th Part Three. This could get interesting.