News: Scarface Remake Is Happening With Diego Luna

Image courtesy Lucasfilm

The Scarface remake has been a rumor for a while now. Over the last five years there have been several different incarnations that were set or at least rumored to go into production with various directors and stars attached. At one point, they were going to make an African American version of the Scarface story. We're not sure what happened to that idea but it obviously never happened. For the past several months, a rumor was circulating that Leonardo DiCaprio would star in the reboot. Fortunately for everyone, that was just an idea that had been tossed around casually in conversation at some point. 

Well, it appears after all the talk and circulation of baseless rumor that the remake is actually underway. The film will move the setting from Miami to Los Angeles and will center on the rise and fall of a Mexican kingpin. Rogue One's Diego Luna will be taking on the lead role. Antoine Fuqua was initially attached to helm this remake but dropped out due to conflicts and no real direction for the movie.