News: Kyle Chandler Joins Godzilla 2

With Kong: Skull Island preparing to hit theaters in just a few weeks, the casting and pre-production for Godzilla 2 is ramping up at a feverish pace. Early word says there will even be a small teaser for the next Godzilla during the end credits of Kong. 

Casting has been under way for a while as Millie Bobby Brown is set to play the main role with Ken Watanabe reprising his role from the first rebooted Godzilla flick. Now, Kyle Chandler has officially signed on to join the movie in the role of Brown's father. There is still no word on whether or not Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olson will be returning to the franchise. 

Obviously, the eventual plan is to have the two mega monsters face off in an upcoming movie that will pit them against each other in a giant dual of epic proportions.