Gaming News: Telltale Games To Release Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy for the Nintendo Switch

While the release of the Nintendo Switch hasn't been absolutely flawless, the system has proven to be a hit among gamers and has provided us all with an awesome new Zelda game that made the launch extra special. The one concern about the release of the system was that there weren't enough new titles to coincide with the brand new Nintendo hitting store shelves. Luckily for all of us, new games will be coming down the pipe relatively fast over the next few months. 

Today, word has come out that Telltale will be releasing more of its episodic hits for the Switch. It's looking like their Batman game and a Guardians of the Galaxy title are on the docket for Nintendo sometime in the near future. Switch sales haven't been hurting in the least, but some great franchise releases like this will definitely amplify interest in a system that doesn't have quite enough content yet.