News: Saturday Night Fever - Director's Cut

On May 2nd, one of the greatest musical drama films of the 1970s, Saturday Night Fever, marks it’s 40th anniversary in a new special edition blu ray set featuring an all new ‘director’s cut’.  According to the press release, this new edition sounds like it will be porting over many of the same extras from the 2009 30th anniversary edition blu ray and use the same Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix though word has yet to come out as to whether or not it will receive the 4K restoration treatment, so stay tuned for further details. 

Having already seen a PG rated version of this still difficult and uncompromising classic as well as a 2002 version aired on American Movie Classics which included additional scenes not in either the PG or R rated cuts, I have to wonder whether or not this new edition is a brand new remaster or just a double dip branching in the deleted scenes that were already available on the previous edition.  Hard to say, though if you haven’t seen or own what is inarguably one of John Travolta’s greatest and most daring films, now is as good a time as any!

- Andrew Kotwicki