Shout Factory News: The Lonely Lady

Shout Factory just dropped a bomb on home video collectors!  On June 13th, 2017, one of the most legendarily awful bad movies in the history of film, The Lonely Lady starring Pia Zadora, makes it’s spoiled rotten food of a splash on blu ray!  After Brad Jones (aka, The Cinema Snob) posted his video review of the forgotten cinematic atrocity featuring the acting debut of Ray Liotta, prices for the long out-of-print title on VHS tape and laserdisc skyrocketed into the hundreds despite the low quality image and sound.  Now thanks to Shout Factory, inarguably the sleaziest, most ridiculous exploitation pictures about a Tinseltown that has only ever existed in this film, the monumentally execrable The Lonely Lady will finally be available to staunch bad movie fanatics without having to fork over an arm and a leg in order to see it. 

“Is this more your kick?!”

- Andrew Kotwicki