Cinematic Releases: Power Rangers (2017) Reviewed

The Power Rangers are back in a movie that has absolutely no right to be as good as it is.  This incarnation will hopefully be a major hit because it schools every other superhero movie in almost every department. Maybe I'm a little bit crazy right now, but Power Rangers is the bad ass hero movie that 2017 desperately needed. 

With super heroes flooding the market with movie after movie about mayhem and destruction, this rebooted version of the ever powerful Rangers puts the last few Marvel movies to shame. There is no real formula here to fall back on, making this feel original and a refreshing break from what's come before. Taking many cues from the popular tv show while updating it to fit current trends, this movie will sit well with former fans and people that have no real experience with the show (like me). Despite some clunky exposition and an overlong run time, Power Rangers is a sight for sore eyes that holds out on the fight scenes to give us an actual backbone for the story at hand. But when things finally get going, it's a nearly impeccable action saga that features phenomenal CGI graphics and great looking creature design. 

Perhaps the best thing about the movie is that the teens are fleshed out and given a reason to excel in their new capacity as multi-colored heroes. They're all searching for a sense of worth and value. Their training gives them an importance. Rooted in a strong bond between characters, great acting from a youthful cast, and numerous plot points that will hit home for adults and children alike, the new team up of five teens from a small town is about as great as we could expect from a story about superpowers, dastardly humanoid beings, and the ultimate destruction of their city by the ruthless Rita Repulsa and her massive gold buddy. Not being educated in the previous versions of the Power Rangers, I'm actually now interested in digging deeper into the mythology. 

Go go Venom symbiote!!!!

Apparently, Saban has a six movie arc planned for this cinematic series. Honestly, this could be an epic new addition to the market that's being overrun by Transformers, DC, and Marvel. The story here has a depth to it that I personally felt has been lacking from many of these franchises. There's an emotional relevance that crosses outside the realm of fiction as we're offered up actual development that shows the team growing as people and realizing that they now have a purpose. Yes, a fantastical purpose. A purpose that requires them to fight massive beings and evil sorcerers. But, it doesn't feel hampered by cheesy dialogue or contrived plot points. There are magical moments that show us how teens may actually react to such a scenario. Much like Chronicle, the Rangers are given the gift of superpowers and they must decide how to use them.

What separates this from most of the other mega-franchises that were mentioned above is that there's weight to the battle scenes and the vehicles look awesome. You can actually see what's going on for once. The creatures are photo realistic in some (but not all) spots, and the soundtrack pulsates with synth heavy tones reminiscent of the retro styles that have been lent to shows like Stranger Things. 

Alright, team! We are the colors of the rainbow. Now, let's kick some ass!

If you want a breath of fresh air that revitalizes your feelings towards movies about otherworldly attacks and people in kick ass suits breaking things, I really cannot suggest this movie enough. I walked out of the theater and asked my son what he thought. He's the biggest Marvel movie fan I know. He said he'd give it an 8. That's coming from a kid. So, that's how I'm scoring this great time at the movies.